Special event: First Aid and CPR offered in Tupper Lake NY. Wilderness First Aid May 14, 2022 in Woodgate NY. Water Safety for Guides certification class dates are listed at – Programs. Call to register. 518-359-8194 or email

The 10 Group Program dates listed immediately below have been specially group-priced in honor of the Becoming an Outdoors Woman in New York State program. These classes are not limited to BOW attendees or to women. As BOW instructors since 1994, we are pleased to offer these Beyond-BOW intermediate-learning opportunities. Can’t attend on the dates below? We can arrange an alternate date for you. Group minimum and maximum enrollments apply. COVID-19 precautions / restrictions apply.

Snowshoe Round Pond Esker and Bogs, Tupper Lake NY
Saturday, February 5, 2022 – Winter conditions & good snow depth permitting:
Add this half-day event to your Saranac Lake NY Winter Carnival attendance. Did you know that a glacial esker is really an upside-down river bottom? The glacially-formed bogs surrounding the Round Pond esker can only be traversed during the winter season. Cocoa and cookies along the way make even a cold winter day seem cozy. Add great views, learning about bog ecology, and a great easy winter workout!

$75 each – 100% deposit includes class. Snowshoe rental available.

Wilderness First Aid certification: Saturday, May 14, 2022. Woodgate NY

Outdoor recreation trip leaders know how to unplug on adventures away from home. But, in the event of unexpected illness or injury, you may be distant from professional responders and brick-and-mortar facilities. Wilderness First Aid training can help you support a victim more capably, and help you pre-plan an adventure more effectively.

Most backcountry illnesses or injuries are easily cared for, but you should understand how to keep those problems from becoming more serious. Knowledgeable care can make all the difference in continuing an adventure or scrambling for evacuation. It’s important to be prepared for any situation. Certification is through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute,  which is accepted by the NYSDEC for licensure of outdoor guides.

$120 each – 100% deposit includes class, materials, and refresments. BYO lunch.

Navigation Skills with Map and Compass
Saturday, June 11, 2022. Tupper Lake NY

This event takes place indoors for classroom and outdoors for practice, and hopefully, in good weather conditions. It is a blend of classroom-style instruction and boots-to-the-ground practice. This program is intended for people with little or no navigation skills and modest levels of physical ability. BYO lunch.

$85 each – 100% deposit includes class and materials. BYO lunch

Stalking the Adirondack Ostrich: Ferns & Flowers of the Adirondacks
Saturday, June 25, Paul Smiths NY

As a Certified Interpretive Guide, Sheila provides interactive naturalist studies for all ages and experience levels. This is a walking tour, but the pace is casual and the terrain incline or descent is gradual. Learn simple memory pegs for recognizing trees, flowers and ferns, and how local micro-ecologies influence what grows there.

$75 each – 100% deposit includes class and materials. BYO lunch.

The Complete Hiker: Hike Safe in the Wildlands
Saturday, July 16, 2022. Tupper Lake NY

Enjoy a relatively flat hike to an untraveled small summit, and learn about safety planning and survival in emergencies. Most people traveling in the Adirondack wildlands are only a day away from rescue if he or she has planned appropriately and is able to manage basic survival skills.

$75 each – 100% deposit includes class and materials. BYO lunch and hiking gear.

First Aid and Adult CPR/AED certification
Saturday, July 9, 2022. Tupper Lake NY

This program is designed for emergency care when advanced help is less than an hour away. Emergencies can occur at home, at work, or during recreation. Is bleeding minor or life-threatening? What is the best care for burns? How is an injury splinted? How can a person identify and manage a sudden illness? Certification is through the National Safety Council, which is accepted by the NYSDEC for licensure of outdoor guides.

$135, 100% deposit includes class, materials, and refreshments. BYO lunch.

Individuals are invited to register for these group events. Prices do not include meals or lodging but we will be pleased to make recommendations.

Check out our advanced-level educational programs…

Beyond the Trail Outdoor Leader Apprentice Program provides an excellent preparation for becoming a skilled outdoor user, a backcountry trip leader or licensed guide. You must be prepared for learning in a primitive camp environment at a remote Adirondack site. However, the program site is accessible to automobiles, and you can bring many of the simple comforts of home. All accommodations, equipment and meals are included in the basic fee. Sessions begin at noon on Friday and end at noon on Sunday. Your guide-instructors are well versed in their subject matter. Group rates are available.

Introduction to Ice Fishing This program, conducted in the Saranac Lake / Tupper Lake area, requires in-town lodging, which we can help you arrange. Learn to fish in winter for perch, northern pike, trout and salmon. All ice fishing equipment is supplied. Learn about jigs, tip-ups and fishing shanties; New York State laws, regulations and ethics; bait and tackle; ice and weather safety; and preparation and preservation of your catch. You will be outdoors in cold weather for extended periods, but a heated fishing shanty will be located on-site. Cold weather clothing is a must. Participants must have a valid New York State fishing license (if required by State law). Class space is limited.

Introduction to Fishing Learn about bait, tackle, other fishing equipment; techniques for catching cold water and warm water species; and preparation and preservation of your catch in a hands-on program. This is a spin-casting, not a fly-casting, program.Participants must have a valid New York State fishing license (if required by State law).

Camping & Survival Skills Learn safe selection and maintenance of your camp; selection of best clothing and gear for your trip; and prevention and recognition of hypothermia and heat-related illness. We also cover camp sanitation; starting and maintaining a safe and legal fire; camp food preparation; and food safety and water purification. In addition, you will learn minimal impact camping skills; what to do in survival situations; and land use regulations and management plans in the Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness Unit.

First Aid & CPR National Safety Council certification program is helpful to back-country enthusiasts and trip leaders, and is required for individuals licensed to guide-for-hire on public lands in New York State. In addition, participants can learn about the guide licensing process and New York State and environmental laws, regulations and ethics. The program fee includes the cost of certifications.

Water Safety for Guides  Sonny is a New York State Outdoor Guides Association – Water Safety for Guides instructor. This program is available only to aspiring New York State Licensed Outdoor Guides. Dates for upcoming WSFG classes are posted on the website, under the Programs tab. Class fees are determined by the Association.


Introduction to Canoes, Kayaks & Boats Learn about basic functions of watercraft design; paddle strokes and when to use them; necessary equipment; self rescue techniques and general boating safety; and loading, portaging, and transporting of canoes, kayaks and small boats. In addition, participants will learn basics of weather predictions and precautions in an on-the-water program.

Introduction to Bowhunting (2-day program) Learn the basics of tracking game; equipment selection and care; tree stands; hunter safety; processing and preserving game; brief review of map and compass skills; sighting and shooting skills; and New York State conservation laws and ethics. At the end of the program, you can be tested to receive a New York State Bowhunter Safety Certificate (required to get a bowhunting license). No actual hunting will take place during this program. You must bring your legal bow and arrows to any program.